Sunday, 19 May 2013

Reebok Sugar Pop Pink

While on a short trip to Cardiff last weekend my boyfriend picked up some bargain Nike's from the Office sale. I was so jealous of how comfy they were and still looking smart. I've watched a lot of my friends rave about Nike's and whatnot and just not seen the hype myself. However after being reminded how comfy trainers are I began my hunt for a pair for myself. I've already picked up Vans and Pointers recently, which along my with my old faithful Sperry's have done me well, although they all have rubbed my feet at some point and are all men's fit. So thank you to the God's of ASOS for adding these to their New in section the day I decided I was going to buy my first pair of trainers since Primary School.

At £60 I thought they were a little steep for a style I haven't worn in about 15 years and weren't sure if they would suit any clothes I own. But I hadn't been as excited for a parcel as I was for these for SO long so forgot about the price pretty quick. As soon as they arrived I had a doubt of 'Am i doing the right thing' as they're so out there being bright pink but the boyfriend soon reassured me . They are the most comfortable things my feet have ever felt in forever! I can definitely see the hype now and am apologising to my feet every day for putting them through all the long days in brogues and moccasins i've put them through. The colour is slightly different to the photo which is a shame as i was expecting the lighter leather on the sides to be pale blue but they're an off cream/extremely light green which is still okay in my books. I'm yet to wear them out properly but can definitely say to anyone that it will be their best decision ever to buy a pair of trainers, and especially thanks to Reebok for bringing them out in bright pink to stop me feeling too much of an 8 year old boy in them.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer

So  I believed the hype and went and spent £12.99 on this in Boots the other week. Verdict so far.. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. Good reviewing I'd say. The consistency is very reminiscent of L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer, It's almost a mousse with a creamy consistency. It blends onto the skin perfectly although I do find its a little greasy to the touch. As far as the 'blur' claims go, I can't seem to see much of a difference. To me it just looks like a have a mousse-like primer on, rather than literally blurring an imperfections. My foundation applied and blended really easily over the top but it still felt a little more oily than I would have liked, and it felt like my make up slipped off a little after wear. I will keep trying this though and see if it grows on me anymore as so far it hasn't wowed me too much, not something i'd be running out to repurchase anytime soon!

Monday, 13 May 2013

ASOS Payday Wishlist

Payday is a week away... let me just take that in for a second.. okay. I've put a good chunk of my wages into savings for all my holidays ever since I started working at the old faithful Co-op. When I came back from our last expedition in Florida last September, my boss told me he'd promoted me to 'Administrations Supervisor' which I was made up about meaning a cheeky little payrise. Ontop of working overtime (i've worked 6 days a week give or take a few weeks here and there since i've been back last September) i've had a decent wage packet each month, however the majority of that money has gone on Christmas, mine and mike's 2 day trip to Florida in January and Iceland. And since Iceland i've been putting even more away to save for Uni. I currently have £2000 in my savings account so decided this pay i'm not going to put any money into savings (bonus if I can afford to though) and treat myself to whatever I like, as in 4 months time i'll be away in uni with no income so wanted to give myself one month to enjoy having all this money! I've been putting together a 'wishlist' on ASOS, trying not to buy things completely for the hell of it. And so far it only comes to £100. Here's what i've got my eye on...

Benefit They're real!
Nars Sheer Glow
Nars Blush

I've also got my eye on a couple of bits from Topshop including the Joni jeans which is all i seem to read about on blogs at the moment! Any recommendations on key make up products are thoroughly welcomed!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Wall Of Ears

When I was in Florida in January casually seeing Underoath's last ever show, Chris from As Cities Burn was telling us about his and Cody Bonette's new project "Wall Of Ears' and kindly gave me their EP to listen to. Being a fan of anything that spawns from the ACB guys, Hawkboy included, I was really excited to listen to what they were doing now. At first listen it's a bit like 'what the fridge is this' but after a few more listens in the car it has grown on me so much. It's very chilled out slightly psychedelic.. for no better word. Completely different from what ACB and Hawkboy put out there but still with hints of their style.
They released their video for the song 'Autosky' last week. However I'd recommend starting the video and opening a different window up on the internet and ignore it on first listen. The song is fantastic but I can't get my head around the video whatsoever. But i'll leave that one up to you. Their CD/vinyl is available on pre-order from Broken Circles website, limited to 500 copies. I just copped my pre-order of the clear red/black smoke vinyl! There's also a chance to stream Autosky minus video and one more song. I'd definitely give them a listen if you're looking for new music. I'm so excited to see what the rest of the album brings.

Rimmel Apocalips

Oh woops... jumping on the bandwagon with this one. But just had to put my two cents in on this blogger favourite product!

First off, apologies for the google image.. im so lazy and feel rather naughty for stealing this.. oh well!
Secondly, onto the product. After seeing all the raves and reviews recently it was only a matter of time til I gave in and gave this product a try. I'm so against lip glosses it's unbearable and struggled to see how this would be any different but gave it a try anyway. I went for 'Luna' which is a lovely bright coral. I've been after a lipstick this colour for years but either found them too neon or too red. I was so made up with this colour! Onto application, the doe foot makes it easy to apply, however i suffer from dry lips, and even after using my trusty Lush lip scrub, followed my a load of vaseline, this product still clung onto my 'dry bits' after 20 minutes. I'm so gutted by this as it is such a lovely colour and it's creamy texture made me hope it would do the opposite! So unfortunately, this one is back in the drawer and removed from the daily used lip products, such a shame!
Has anyone else had any problems like this with this product? Any tips to make me enjoy wearing it again?

Monday, 29 April 2013

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Neutral Milk Hotel

As you may or may not be aware, I'm moving to Bristol in September to go to uni. My boyfriend is also toying with idea of moving his business down which is incredibly exciting! We went down on Wednesday to check out some studio space and also had a cheeky Wagamama's and wonder round I new favourite shop, Rise.  We found this whilst looking at my accommodation last month and had a quick wonder but this time we had a little more time. its a coffee shop on the ground floor and upstairs and have all the weird and wonderful art/interior/fashion books you could ask for. Along with an array of 'vintage' clothing, not totally my thing but still worth a browse. As well as hundreds of CDs, Vinyls and posters. (check for some amazing prints) Definitely gonna work towards getting some of my prints in there.. we'll see! After wondering around for a good while I decided however there were a few things I'd like to get, I'd best wait til payday (today) until on one of the back rows I saw this...

Neutral Milk Hotel have been one of my favourite bands for absolutely years. Their music has inspired so many of my drawings. I have been after the vinyl for so long after it starting popping up in Urban Outfitters, but I could never justify the £25 price tag. I'd even considered bringing back with me from holidays when in the USA but always failed on that one. Until I saw this at only £15! Followed by the CD for only £5. I couldn't resist and purchased straight away. I am so happy i now have these to add to my slow growing vinyl collection. The album is very acoustic based and Jeff Mangum's voice is one which couldn't be easily compared. It's kind of 'weird and wonderful' but so inspiring to listen to. At first listen you may think it's not for but honestly, try it again, you'll be amazed. So excited to relive this album all over again! The artwork is second to none also!